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Box Tops for Education is a quick, fun way to give back to the school. Just clip the Box Tops from participating products and send them to school with your child or put them in the labeled box in the front office. Every Box Top is worth 10 cents, and they add up! For more information, click on the Box Top logo above.
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Simply register your grocery cards, gas cards and/or debit or credit cards with eScrip, and up to 5% of your purchases is donated to the Sycamore Ridge PTA by participating merchants, including Vons.

Here's how to register.
  • Designate Sycamore Ridge, #500002133, as your beneficiary
If you are already signed up for eScrip, don't forget to keep your credit card information current: if your card expires, you need to notify eScrip or your donations will cease. You also need to renew your membership annually, all at no cost to you!

Another great option is to make your purchases through eScrip's online mall. You can buy from your favorite online sites and up to 6% of purchases go to the PTA. Check out the eScrip website by clicking on the eScrip logo above for more information.

Box Tops and eScrip: two great ways to help Sycamore Ridge
all year long!