Parent Education Nights

The Sycamore Ridge PTA sponsors a series of Parent Education Nights, courtesy of Dr. Dana Fillmore. These evenings are incredibly informative and helpful. Thank you to Dr. Fillmore for the generous donation of her time and expertise for these events.

The next Parent Education night will be early in the 2010-2011 school year. If there is a particular topic of interest, please send an e-mail to us on the Contact Us page of this website. Click
HERE for more information on Dr. Fillmore.
Dana Fillmore, Psy.D.
2262 Carmel Valley Rd.,
Ste. D
San Diego, CA 92014
Kids’ Safety Tips

From the National Center for Mission & Exploited Children, here are “25 Ways to Make Kids Safer”. There are great tips and reminders, as well as a printable form to fill out and keep handy in case of emergency. 25_ways_to_make_kids_safer_english